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The Next Generation Garden
Home from P. Allen Smith

P. Allen SmithYouTube extended a challenge to us. The charge was to build a green home for $150,000 in 150 days. I’m calling this my Next Generation Garden Home. The new eHow 1600 square foot home we’re building is about the size of a median American home but we’re building ours with fewer materials, with local resources and scaled in such a way as to optimize efficiency of the systems. To that end, we’re using local builders, using local building materials bought from local suppliers – thank you Lumber 1!

When it comes to the interior style, I think it’s no secret that I have a thing for antiques and junk-store finds. I like to think of it as recycling as these pieces have often been transferred from one household to another. I don't want the interior spaces to be too traditional or unobtainable. So in this home I'm going to use a few key pieces blended with new furnishings. The result will be a fresh, up-to-date twist on classic styling and it's a look that anyone can duplicate.

My goal is to capture your imagination with our new project and then inspire you to try out some of my ideas in your own homes. I invite you to learn more and watch the entire step-by-step building process of The Garden Home Challenge shot exclusively for eHow Home
on YouTube.

P. Allen Smith
P. Allen Smith
P. Allen Smith Garden Home P. Allen Smith Garden Home P. Allen Smith Garden Home